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Tus veranos y mis inviernos

Boeken, May

Tus veranos y mis inviernos

Year: 2023
Editorial: Grijalbo
Literary Category: romantic
ISBN: 9788425365348
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 592
Synopsis: Your summers and my winters is Maider's story, but it could be yours. Not all summer loves die when autumn arrives...

Maider met Rubén on the shores of the Mediterranean when they were just a couple of kids running around in their swimsuits at the campsite where they spent their summers. They were inseparable for many years until adolescence turned them into enemies.


But Maider soon discovered that love is only a step away from hate and that the hooligan who gave her no peace was still the same sweet boy who one summer afternoon gave her a Frigopie ice cream and who, in an oversight, also stole her heart.

Together they lived a beautiful love story that marked them forever, but also tore them apart.

When years later Maider returns to Benicàssim with her life back on track, she will have to assume that, considering Rubén, there may be some wounds that she cannot close alone. 

A nostalgic trip to the nineties. To forgive, to remember, and to again feel butterflies. Because there are loves that did not happen even though they should have.


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