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Year: 2023
Editorial: Minotauro
Literary Category: science fiction
ISBN: 9788445015599
Format: Softcover
Pages: 352
Synopsis: "When he left his home, the time traveler was unaware of his condition; it was still a few hours away before he realize that impossible certainty."

Imagine if you could jump back in time and go at to some point in which you have made some sort of decision in your life. Would you try to win back a lost love? Would you use your power to become rich? Would you try to improve the world?


Victor Piñol, a lonely guy marked by an adolescent trauma, will see how his anodyne life as a news anchor for a television channel becomes a thrilling odyssey on the day of his thirty-fifth birthday. It will be then when that he discovers that gift of jumping back in time for which he has to pay 83 seconds of pain.

A novel of love, nostalgia, redemption, that teaches you that you can know your past better, understand it, learn from it, but that it is not so easy to change it.

83 seconds is above all a story about friendship, in which the ties that are knotted at school are not comparable to those you can tie later. The adventure of a hero by accident in the streets, the bars and the centenary restaurants of Madrid in the year 2000. A journey full of nostalgia, reminiscent of adolescence in the southern neighborhoods of the capital in the eighties; between hoodlums, junkies and soccer games on dirt fields.

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