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El corazón imprudente

Amoraga, Carmen

El corazón imprudente

Year: 2023
Editorial: Espasa
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 978-84-670-7001-9
Pages: 288
Synopsis: What happens when, no matter what you decide, you know you are making a mistake?

Carmen Amoraga, finalist of the Planeta Prize and winner of the Nadal Prize, has written a novel of love and heartbreak, fidelity and disaffection, fear and courage.

Tina is a woman coming on sixty, accomplished and with a reasonably happy life.

José Manuel is a doctor to whom too many things have passed him by, stuck in an uncomfortable marriage in which love has only been a simulacrum.

Both meet by chance and, inevitably, fall into a mirage of love that will turn on its head what they thought they knew about themselves.  A story we will keep in mind as if it were our very own.

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