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Castigo divino

Year: 1970
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Shanghai Translation (China), Denoël (France), Edition 8 (Switzerland, German language), McPherson & Co (USA)
Synopsis: In Divine Punishment, sex and love, political intrigue and economic power take central stage to give birth to one of the most complex and fascinating novels abound Central American society to-date.

A series of murders by poisoning take place in the city of Leon, Nicaragua, during the 30s. The presumed murderer, a brilliant lawyer and poet, will be one more victim, when his personal history takes on collective dimensions, and the ethical sense is shattered prior to the dictatorship perpetrated from Nicaragua to Guatemala.

Sergio Ramirez’s writing underlies the novel by installment, the journalistic report, the intricate legal language, the modernist imagery, as well as representing one of the most cleanest homage’s to the novelistic tradition.

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