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La fugitiva

Año: 2011
Editorial: Alfaguara
Idioma: Español, Catalán
Sinopsis: Three feminine voices narrate the dramatic life of a woman who, in a closed and provincial society, chose the accursed profession of a writer. Three voices, three ways of conceiving life, friendship and love, but all with a common denominator: to tell us who was the much desired and envied Amanda Solano. These voices, each with its own range, will take us back to the Costa Rica of the first half of the previous century, where we meet a character marked by her beauty and genius, and by her defiant sense of liberty, and by her greatest weakness: men. In a convulsive period, when women were denied their own life choices, Amanda Solano had no other option but exile, within and outside of her country. Sergio Ramírez assumes the challenge of putting a voice to three very different feminine characters, and does so with a simple and moving style which turns us into accomplices of this singular woman’s story, who lived off her legend and died feeling forgotten by all. Even today, her grave is hardly marked by a number.

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