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He was born in Mexico, D.F. in 1961. He has a degree in Psychology and a master in Creative Writing for the New Mexico State University. He has published many books. Among his Children and YA fiction titles we can find Los ensebados (1993, Premio Nacional de Novela Juvenil FILIJ), El secreto de Gorco (1994, Premio Nacional de Cuento Infantil FILIJ), Miedo, el mundo de al lado (1994, Premio Nacional de Novela Juvenil FILIJ), Las montañas azules... - Read more

Laura Freixas (Barcelona, 1958) studied in the French Licée in Barcelona. She got a degree in Law in 1980, but has always worked as a writer. She became known in 1988 with a collection of short stories; El asesino en la muñeca (Murder in the doll) . In 1997 she published her first novel; Último domingo en Londres (The Last Sunday in London) , followed by; Entre amigas (1998) (Between Friends) , Amor o lo que sea (2005)... - Read more

José María Merino work stands out for its richness and variety of registers and modes. His novels have been recognized with a number of awards: Novelas y cuentos (1976), Premio Nacional de la Crítica, (1985), Nacional de la Literatura Juvenil (1993) and Miguel Delibes de Narrativa (1996). He has published Novela de Andrés Choz, (Novel by Andrés Choz); El caldero de oro, (The Gold Caldron); Cuentos del reino secreto, (Stories from the Secret... - Read more

-Represented by The Colchie Agency- The Colombian author Laura Restrepo has been a professor of literature at the National University of Colombia, as well as editor of the Bogota weekly magazine Semana , where she covered the drug trade for 12 years.  In 1984, she was a member of the Peace Commission that brought the Colombian government and the guerrillas to the negotiating table, an experience she later recorded in her first book History... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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