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A new label called Ciudad de Libros has appeared recently with the idea of recovering, in digital format, quality books that were nearly impossible to find for Spanish readers. The project, headed by Blanca Rosa Roca, founder and director of Roca Editorial and Barcelona Digital Editions, will publish authors such as Sherwood Anderson, Erskine Caldwell, Gibran Jalil Gibran, Leon Uris or Thomas Wolfe and many more; three of them are represented... - Read more

Only two days after its release in Peru the latest novel by Alonso Cueto, “ Cuerpos secretos ” ( Secret Bodies ), has already been listed on the bestseller list for this South American country. During the Ricardo Palma Book Fair 2012, “Cuerpos secretos” ( Secret Bodies ) published by Editorial Planeta Peru, was the most successful book, as far as activities relating to the novel as with number of assistants during the... - Read more

We're pleased to see how our author's titles keep on seeing the light of day in other countries. The last ones we have received in the agency are the following: * Misión Olvido, by María Dueñas, has been published in The Netherlands under the title De wereld vergeten by Wereldbibliotheek. * Prométeme que serás libre, by Jorge Molist, has been published by S. Fischer in Germany. The title chosen for the... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 3 of 3 results
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