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A new label called Ciudad de Libros has appeared recently with the idea of recovering, in digital format, quality books that were nearly impossible to find for Spanish readers. The project, headed by Blanca Rosa Roca, founder and director of Roca Editorial and Barcelona Digital Editions, will publish authors such as Sherwood Anderson, Erskine Caldwell, Gibran Jalil Gibran, Leon Uris or Thomas Wolfe and many more; three of them are represented... - Read more

AK Digital is a project that the Literary Agency founded with the principal goal to help the authors that it represents so that their previously edited books that currently have their rights free, can be offered exclusively in digital format, as an effort to conserve the validity of these works through the opportunities that these technologies can offer. At this time we are proud to present as first of the authors we represent, and within this... - Read more

Conference: THE ANATOMY OF DESOLATION Monday 20 August 8:30pm - 9:30pm RBS Corner Theatre Carlos Gamerro is a leading voice in Argentinian literature and his new novel The Islands recounts the surreal story of the Falklands War from one Argentinian perspective. Alongside him, László Krasznahorkai discusses his Hungarian masterpiece Satantango, which was described by Susan Sontag as 'a stirring manual of resistance to desolation'.... - Read more

“One day the walls will fall and Barcelona will spread under the heavens like a drop of ink over holy water”   Last April 23, 2012 for the “Day of the Book” Carlos Ruiz Zafón published with the publisher’s Editorial Planeta a short story un-edited titled, El Príncipe de Parnaso (The Prince of Parnaso). The story that forms part of a special edition pack with the author’s latest novel El... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 18 results
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