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The writer and academic José María Merino has been awarded the 2021 National Prize for Spanish Letters for “his mastery and excellence in the creation of fantastic literature in the narrative modalities of novels, short novels, short stories and short stories”. The jury highlighted “the intelligence of his theoretical reflections on fiction” and stressed that José María Merino “is a benchmark for successive generations”.... - Read more

Marta Barrio won XVII Tusquets Novel Editors Award with Small firewood which, according to the unanimous verdict of the jury, is a “startling and surprisingly mature account of the dramatic experience of a young woman and her unexpectedly frustrated motherhood.” It is, according to the statement released by the publisher, a story that “maintains at all times a difficult balance between pain and the strength of not being carried away by a premature loss”, and considers that the award for Barrio is... - Read more

Eva García Sáenz de Urturi has obtained the Planeta 2020 Prize with the novel  Aquitaine. “ A medieval thriller, a tribute to The name of the rose and a Game of Thrones of what would later become Europe, ”said the author, who dedicated the award to the victims of the pandemic. “The world of culture will survive this pandemic, explain it to us and move forward. My characters have a motto, three S’s: I only know how to follow. Literature only knows how... - Read more

The writer Gonzalo Giner has obtained the XXV Fernando Novel Prize Lara with the work "The green mist". The Jury for this Award made the decision public during an award ceremony held at the Casa Guardiola in Seville. The novel is a fast-paced adventure, a moving ecologist plea, a hymn to conservationism and a great love story in the legendary African jungle. In the words of the author, « The green haze  It is a novel very different from the ones I have published to date. Its title evokes a... - Read more

The Antonia Kerrigan Agency and its team announce with great sadness the passing of one of the world's most celebrated and beloved authors, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, after two and a half years of harsh disease, which he endured with irony and good temper to its invincible end. We send our heartfelt sympathy to his widow MariCarmen Bellver. Despite this painful loss to his family, friends, and all his readers and publishers across the globe, we know that his extraordinary body of work will live on. As will our memories of... - Read more

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