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Valiķ la pena reaches the spot in the top of the sales
Valiķ la pena reaches the spot in the top of the sales

The publication of Valió la pena (It was worth it), the book of memoirs by the diplomat and ex-director of the CNI Jorge Dezcallar, has not left anyone indifferent. Three days after its launch, the second edition came out just as it reached the spot in the top 100 general sales on, ranking in what in the last few days climbed to number 7.

But Valió la pena has not been distinguished only for the great number of sales. The book has secured a space in a great number of Spanish media and also has provoked reactions of important figures from the political sphere, mainly as a consequence of the declarations that the author made in his memoirs about the government’s management of the March 11, 2004 terrorist attack in Madrid

Some of the highlighted press links about Jorge Dezcallar’s work:

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