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Year: 2010
Editorial: Fondo de Cultura Económica
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: When children begin to disappear in a city, the adults—to protect them—decide to close schools, prohibit meetings, close the parks and forbid children from going out on the street alone. Eight kids discover that in spite of all of this there is a way of getting together: books. Thanks to a piece writing a friend left behind, these eight kids learn how to get together in novels and stories with one simple formula: read the same book at the same time. When one of them suddenly disappears during one of these share-reading sessions, the protagonists face the terrible discovery that those who are hunting them in the “real” world are also persecuting them in books. By accident it is revealed to them that the only way of escaping the child hunters is by escaping from the stories human beings have been telling each other since time immemorial. They must create a new language and, along with it, a new reality, this will be their utopist mission while the noose, both in the world as well as in literature, keeps closing in on them.

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