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Sangre como la mía

Year: 2008
Editorial: Egales
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: A painful and moving story; reflection of a culture that discovered the widest sexual freedom at the beginning of the 70s, to then fall back into a categorical abyss a decade later.

In the structured Chilean society of the 50s, two young opposite personalities initiate into adulthood. One of them, naïve and a dreamer, will become a reporter for the popular magazine Ecran, while the ambitious and manipulating Daniel Morán will become the right-hand man of his uncle Arturo Juliani, a flourishing movie impresario, whom he admires beyond conventionality. The action alternates at the beginning of the XXI century, Daniel and Jaime, resolving crucial mysteries from the past and living a hopeless love in New York, scenery that ends up falling apart due the tragedy of AIDS.

With Hollywood’s Golden Age of cinema as a backdrop, the lives of breakups and frustrations of these men mingle with stories and movies of legendary personalities of the stature of James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe.

In this moving novel, Jorge Marchant Lazcano gives us a brave overview of some conflicts and wounds of the Chile’s nuclear family, throughout a 50-year period, tracing three generations marked by homosexuality.

“Marchant is moved by an enormous narrative famish that is reminiscent of Manuel Puig in his pop rescue of emblematic figures of North American cinema. Apart from dim, movie-mania and story-telling, the novel has speed and conviction.” Héctor Soto, Revista Capital, Santiago de Chile.

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