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Damas chinas

Damas chinas

Year: 2006
Editorial: Anagrama
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Synopsis: A gynaecologist combines his scrupulous job with frequent visits to a whorehouse. A boy with a ‘bit too big’ head tells the gynaecologist about an old lady who wears a crown while waiting for his mother in the waiting room. There’s neither space nor time, but only past events told in a distant present which articulates the memories of relationships between people and the hollowness of those: the relationship of the gynaecologist with his wife, his job, his children, his patients, the boy, his lovers, illness, money, with his parents…

A new mysterious and upsetting novel by this cult author. With an austere and purified style, of cold and enigmatic beauty, Bellatin intrigues and surprises the reader.

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