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Todas mis muertes

Todas mis muertes

Year: 2006
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: In All my deaths we see the rise of a young artist whose search of sense happens through the narrative genealogy (parents and children, places and powers) and is located in a social landscape where the communicative institutions (education, politics, journalism, literature) have lost their meaning (to maintain the value of the language) and feed a sham dominant violence.

All begins by a writing dispute: the narrator is dismissed as a cultural journalist of newspaper “La Opinion”, just like the young writer expelled from the Republic; and for an identical reason to the one of Plato against the poets: his version of facts is not true. The newspaper reassigned him to crime news and orders him to solve a crime. He begins in his own childhood, investigating another crime: his grandfather´s. The search returns him to rural world at the family house and grandfather´s affection to rooster fights.

The narrator is the heir of mourning, and deaths are the sacrifices that forge him in the name of a misled truth.”

Summary of a Julio Ortega article from newspaper El país

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