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Retorno a la Isla Blanca

Gallego, Laura

Year: 2022
Editorial: SM
Literary Category: fantasy
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788495895998
Pages: 108

Unique is different from all other inhabitants of Greenwood: she does not look like the elves, or fairies, or to the rest of the Little People. No. She is blue-skinned and Medium-Size. The day her friend Snoopy finds an abandoned city of Medium-Sized folk, Unique realizes that in order to find her people, she will have to leave her home and venture into strange lands. This is the story of Unique, Snoopy, Fickle and Curmudgeon. But it is also that of Mattius, a mysterious minstrel, and how all of their fates intertwined forever.

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