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612 Euros

Year: 2013
Editorial: Erein
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 9788497468404
Pages: 272
Synopsis: 612 euros, the government loan on which so many families depend, is the title of the second addition to the detective saga of Touré. Respected by his compatriots, watched by the police, and wanted by the white women, the displaced Touré survives by doing the most diverse of jobs. On this occasion, with the arrival of a supposed family member, he will find himself enveloped in a series of absurd obstacles, where, in order to get through, he will have to put all of his detective ingenuity to the test.

The author and globetrotter, Jon Arretxe, creates a journey inside of the underworld that engulfs those without papers, and that remains in the dark to the universe of the whites, to tell us the crude reality of who they are and how their inhabitants live.

A novel written in a fun language and at a fast pace, where the shock of the events gets the reader hooked continuously until the conclusion.

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