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Inéditos y extraviados

Padilla, Ignacio

Inéditos y extraviados

Year: 2016
Literary Category: tales
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9786075270241
Pages: 152
Synopsis: Igancio Padilla’s best stories in a single volume.

“Padilla is a writer with a dazzling imagination; an erudite who juggles with words to filter, in contraband, his abundant knowledge.” Gerardo Laveaga, Excélsior.

Multi-prize-winner for numerous novels, Ignacio Padilla liked to describe himself as a storyteller. Because it is there, in the short story, where his true interest in literature lay. Thus, scattered pieces bearing titles such as “The Year of the Walled-up Cats”, “The Antipodes and the Century”, “The Android and the Chimeras” and “Reflections and Frost”, bring together for the first time a thorough and personal anthology, a survey of the best short-story writing written till now by who has been described as the best prose stylist of his generation. 

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