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Cuando me veas

Year: 2017
Editorial: Planeta
ISBN: 9788408167563
Pages: 382
Synopsis: For the last couple of weeks rumors have been rife about unexplainable events. Some students claim to have been attacked by an invisible force; others swear that they’ve seen objects moving in the air by their own accord, or have felt a strange presence stalking them throughout the corridors.

What are we facing, exactly? At the editorial office of Voces we’ve gathered theories for all tastes, but the paranormal explanation is the most widely accepted. At the end of the day, we all sadly remember the celebrated story of the “The Kid on the Roof”…

So, there is a ghost in the school? If this is the case, who is it and what are its intentions? We don’t know yet, but may not be far away from finding out.  

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