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De la melancolía

Freire, Espido

Year: 2019
Editorial: Planeta
ISBN: 978-84-08-20152-6
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 256
Synopsis: Espido Freire builds a wonderful novel about the transforming action of love to overcome sadness.

Elena and Sergio make-up a united couple, but the impossibility of becoming parents brings about the lack of love between them and Sergio decides, after twenty years of living together, to leave Elena. She falls into a deep depression that shakes all aspects of her life. Time goes by and Elena receives a request from a distant relative to host Lazarus, her uncle, while he convalesces after a recent operation.

Elena not only welcomes Lazarus into her house, but, as she has to rent it to survive, other characters soon arrive, along with their vision as to how one should live with sadness or how to flee from it: Sonsoles, an older woman who must sell her house, full of books and memories; Vanesa, a thirty-year-old girl who refuses to grow, because the world of adults is terrifying; Teresa, who comes into the story to procure a kitten for Lázaro and who stays along, like some kind of urban fairy that relieves pain every time she shows up. Or Cristian, an old friend who reappears into her life, a winner type, who conceals as many secrets as he does sins.

A story that tells the wounds left behind by the crisis; the ways to survive, and how, in the face of everything, the human being’s strength prevails; how love saves us from many things, and life keeps teaching us lessons, as long as we are willing to carry on learning.


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