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Year: 2018
Editorial: Xerais
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Gallego
ISBN: 9788491214014
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 152

Agustín Fernández Paz Prize for children’s and youth narrative for Equality.

André, like the heroes of the comics like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, whom he so much admires, lives in conflict with his body and his identity. A conflict that seems unsolvable until in his school in Teis, Mucha das Anzas comes along, a girl from Ribadeo who, against all odds, does not feel out of place despite her rural origin and her way of understanding the life of others in the urban setting which she is forced to fit into.

Quickly, the friendship between André and Mucha will be extended into a special Trans Patrol, thanks to Martín and Xela, two other very different people, who help André understand that one needs to know in order to love. Thus, finally protected by a network of affections and the reading of the adventures of the heroes of the classic comic, a path to the understanding of the world, André will assume that to overcome conflicts, the real luck lies in being surrounded by people who are not afraid to be who they are: "in the midst of the storm, the only heroism is to resist.

"Out of the Ordinary, winning novel of the first edition of the Agustín Fernández Paz Prize for children's and youth narrative for Equality, identifies contemporary heroes and heroines among those who only by existing and not giving are changing the world.

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