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Year: 2020
Editorial: Oceano (Sur América), Huso (Espaņa)
ISBN: 9786075572598
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 264

In her wanderings across four continents, Beatriz will experience the vertigo of violence in some of its grimmest forms, and will surrender to a world that rewards the most dastardly and selfish acts and punishes innocence and solidarity. Sara Sefchovich has published a moving novel about the search for meaning in the midst of the grisliest circumstances.

If in "Too Much Love", she took us to the bright side of our country; in "Too Much Hate" she displays its darkest side. It story narrates the radical transformation of the world from pain and shock, with a deep longing to believe in humanity and in love, seconds before plummeting into hatred. GUILLERMO ARRIAGA

An intelligent and funny novel, which makes use of the layers of mockery in a spectacular fashion, to take aim at society’s social-cultural shortcomings without falling into didacticism. Its pages are nimble, full of black humor and unexpected adventures. JULIÁN HERBERT

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