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Secretos de la luna llena: Encuentros

Iria G. Parente y Selene M. Pascual

Secretos de la luna llena: Encuentros

Year: 2017
Editorial: La Galera
Literary Category: children & ya
ISBN: 978-84-246-5997-4
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 750

After fleeing Lothaire and Mab's machinations, the queen of the fairies, the ship in which Eirene, Seaben, Drake and the rest of their allies were travelling is attacked by the rebels of Astrea, a group of people unhappy with the new Regime that has been established in the sorcerers' island after the coup d'état. In the underground city in which they are hiding, the subjects of the old king dream of conquering the surface again and restoring the true heiress, Princess Inair, to the throne. But she doesn't remember anything about the life they retell in the corridors.

Meanwhile, Fay de Veridian wakes up after her escape in Anderia, the humans' country. Despite the legends that she has always heard about their cruelty, the boys who have been taking care of her seem harmless, however. Among them she lives a life never imagined and will discover secrets she never thought could exist. She knows that her destiny is to return home and apologize for not having been able to fulfill her role, but love keeps her in Anderia, in that house away from the world she has always known. But there is always the danger that someone will betray her... And the punishment for crossing the border has always been death.

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