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Ciudad de cenizas

Corella, Kike

Ciudad de cenizas

Synopsis: In the Barcelona of the Tragic Week of 1909, a young night watchman and an experienced inspector must solve a crime in which the body and the city are covered in ashes.

In Barcelona in the year 1909, Enrique Hernández, a young night watchman, encounters a strange burning smell while patrolling the streets of the La Seca neighborhood. Upon entering the residence, the police discover a mountain of ashes on a pair of women's shoes in front of an armchair. The rest of the furniture is intact and both the door and the windows were closed from the inside. How could such a tragedy occur?

Eloy Pavía, a reputed inspector of the new surveillance force and a former commissioner of the Scotland Yard, takes charge of the case. Pavía's keen insight and unconventional style will make an excellent match with the enormous passion and youth of Hernández, who, from the first moment, will be involved in the investigation. Together, they embark on a tireless search for clues, entering into the shadows of a working-class city agitated by the Tragic Week.

City of Ashes is a fascinating detective novel that will immerse you in the Barcelona of the beginning of the 20th century, a beautiful and wild city that becomes another proganist of the story. Kike Corella, with his unforgettable characters and ability to recreate the atmosphere of the time, transports us to a world full of intrigue and surprise that will captivate readers. 

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