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Brujas y nigromantes: Hermandad

Brune, Raquel

Brujas y nigromantes: Hermandad

Year: 2024
Editorial: Montena
Literary Category: children & ya
ISBN: 9788419848567
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 512
Synopsis: What’s worse than the crisis of the twenties? A magic war.

Sabele has a seemingly perfect life: she is beautiful, smart and on her social networks she has thousands of followers, where she talks about magic and spells. What many people don’t know is that Sabele is a real witch. One of the most powerful. But she is also a girl looking for her place in the world.

And the peace of the magical society hangs in the balance. While the witches hold a secret party to choose the new apprentice of the Lady, their leader, among the necromancers, their ancestral rivals, whispers of rebellion begin to emerge. Someone wants the tension to explode, and it’s up to Sabele to restore peace.

But it won’t be easy, when she has to deal on the one hand with her necromancer ex-boyfriend and on the other with Luc, an insufferable rock star wannabe that fate is determined to foist on her. With the help of her two best friends, Rosita and Ame, who are as lost in life as she is, she will try to find the culprit and restore unity to the magical world.

Time is running against them and Sabele and Luc will have to face perverse beings and ancestral spells, as well as decide if they hate each other as much as they are attracted to each other.

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