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Ilustradas: Damas y salones literarios del siglo XVIII

Queralt, María Pilar

Ilustradas: Damas y salones literarios del siglo XVIII

Year: 2024
Editorial: Almuzara
Literary Category: history, literary theory and criticism
ISBN: 978-84-10520-93-6
Pages: 192
Synopsis: v>

Literary salons represented one of the most significant forms of socialization among the upper classes of the 18th century. Led by a group of women who couldn't be classified as feminists in the contemporary sense of the term, these women knew how to capitalize on the opportunities provided by social norms to open the doors of their mansions to thinkers, scientists, and artists, thus decisively influencing the course of their time.

Coinciding with the Enlightenment, the social and cultural movement that paved the way for the great bourgeois revolutions of the 19th century, these enlightened women demanded to be considered as thinking beings, demanding equal educational opportunities as men. Without a doubt, they sowed the seeds that would sprout into 19th-century feminism.

From the French salonnières and English bluestockings to the German salungërinden and members of the Board of Dames of Honor and Merit in Spain, as well as their counterparts in Italy, Portugal, and Latin America, these women used their salons as platforms for the Enlightenment. In some cases, such as in America or Italy, their gatherings ended up being the crucible of political demands.

Although different in their methods and objectives, the salons of these enlightened ladies had their own geography, making this book a journey through time and space to better understand those who, from their salons, paved the way for future generations.

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