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A present-day Humboldt and a distressed meteorologist debate between their field of study and the official line. Athletes in ascent or decadence are tripped over in the court, the diamond or the ring turned into insanity, harassment or political prison. Obsessed spectators question portraits and frames in search for clues of their own existence. The young, prey to idols, to betrayed friendship, to the loneliness that exiles imposes, fall into... - Read more

The great novel about the Madrid of 1953, when the postwar period depicted a Madrid in black and white. In Mrs. Amelia’a small hotel life throbs underneath a subjugated Spain. On the street, the expectation of the echos from the military boots ready to celebrate the Francoist victory drowns the sounds of life; but inside, human contact becomes, inevitably, a hotbed of desires and hope. Meanwhile, Ernesto Bacigalupe, a Spanish anarchist... - Read more

Cocktails & Drinks Book This extraordinary book offers an interesting review of the world of cocktails. It’s structured into two separate sections: the first deals with new cocktail concepts that the author has coined in his bars, the basic ingredients, the different types of drinks and alcohols, the tools and utensils needed to prepare a good drink at home; of the ways and means that need to be known, the knowhow, the tricks, and a... - Read more

An amazing book. Only thus can be described what the author of The Secret Supper shares with his readers this time around. This adventure kicks off in 1990, when Javier Sierra bumps into a mysterious character in the halls of the Museo del Prado, who offers to explain the hidden clues to some of museum's masterpieces. Mystic visions, prophetic announcements, heresies and even messages that seem to come from the “other side”,... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 38 results
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