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What’s worse than the crisis of the twenties? A magic war. Sabele has a seemingly perfect life: she is beautiful, smart and on her social networks she has thousands of followers, where she talks about magic and spells. What many people don’t know is that Sabele is a real witch. One of the most powerful. But she is also a girl looking for her place in the world. And the peace of the magical society hangs in the balance. While the... - Read more

  Life and death. Gold and blood. Such is the power of the eternal Emperor of Akidavia.The Eternal Emperor rules Akidavia for a thousand years before dying to again be reborn.After the death of his last incarnation, several members of the Imperial Council show up in a small village in search of the newborn baby that harbors the Divinity’s soul and that, therefore, must take his place in the throne. This is the story of... - Read more

Rox explores the western region in search of a lost village inhabited by Guardians. Xein has been sent to the Last Frontier, the place from which the Guardians protect the civilized world, and from which very few come back alive. Axlin has decided to travel all the way there to rescue him. While a flood of survivors pours into the Citadel in search of refuge, a new philosophic movement blooms behind its walls. It calls itself the Spring Path,... - Read more

Everyone knows that at Omnia, the great virtual shop, one can buy anything. In its catalogue you will find anything you can imagine, even items you did not know existed. This is why, when Nico throws his sister’s favorite teddy bear into garbage bin by accident, he does not hesitate to look for one in the shop’s web so as to replace it. But a software error will take him to the very heart of Omnia, an immense and extraordinary... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 12 results
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