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Ahriel has regained her freedom and taken her revenge, but there is still one more thing she needs to do. After going to the City of Clouds to report to her peers, she renews her search for the magic prison of Gorlian to recover what she left behind when she escaped. She is determined to do anything to find it, even questioning the only person who knows where it is hidden. It will not be easy to reach this person, but Ahriel will not be alone... - Read more

Simon Bughin suspects that behind the unexpected suicide of his sister lies a stormy relationship with a satanic sect. His investigations bring him to Shimts, a small town in the north of Scotland. There he meets the shy and distant Max, a young cartoonist, who has arrived to this remote place lead by a similar preoccupation: his mother also committed suicide for unknown reasons a few weeks ago. Both characters live in the local hotel, an old... - Read more

The  charismatic mercenary who narrates this story is a real character under the pseudonym Adrián Falcón, although throughout his active years he used others, such as El Parse, Garfio, Strelkinov ... Tender and diabolical, Falcón is now in his sixties and has survived his complex life story with a peculiar sense of humor. One must keep in mind that he was persecuted in the United States and in several Latin American... - Read more

Jacob has decided to die. A traffic accident has left him paraplegic and in lots of pain, making life impossible. David, his father is faced with the toughest of trials: be witness to the process. While Jacob travels somewhere in the US where putting an end to his life will be possible, David withstands the hours in New York clutching to the hope of an inevitable question: will his son back away at the last minute? Practically twenty years... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 35 results
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