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Cuentos de los días raros

Merino, José María

Cuentos de los días raros

Year: 2004
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: Professor Souto gets surprising results from the artificial intelligence he is developing. A junior executive discovers the way leading to the true space of the sci-fi novels he used to read when he was a teenager. Somebody wants to find a fictional town to expiate his cowardice. A Beatles' song turns out to be a spell to gain access to another universe. Some people can travel through time to discover a treasure. The voyages of memory can hide strange secrets. The world ended in 1992...

This book collects 15 stories about fantasy, symbols, and the crevices of reality -stories about those strange days that bring us the fascination and restlessness of sudden events and show us the hidden face of everyday life.

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