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La vida después

Year: 2011
Editorial: Editorial Planeta
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Prószynski Media (Poland)
Synopsis: Victoria has for all appearances what seems to be an enviable life in New York: she teaches at a university, has a rich and handsome husband, and a penthouse on the Upper East Side. When she receives notice of Jan’s death, her best friend, she returns to Madrid for the funeral. There she meets the sophisticated Chloe, an old flame of Jan’s; with her daughter, the rebellious Solange; Marga, Jan’s wife; and his eccentric mother in law, Shirley… Four women who never quite thought that their relationship with Jan was ever altogether sincere. Life After Jan travels through a complex map of feelings, where conflict reigns, jealousy and envy, but also affection and loyalty.

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