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El mapa del caos

Year: 2014
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
Literary Category: action and adventure
Language: Español, Catalán
Format: Hardcover
Published at: Sonia Draga (Poland), Scribe (Australia), Corpus Books (Russia), Rowohlt (Germany), Atria (USA).

And if death could be undone?

How far would you go to recover a loved one? Would you even go as far as the hereafter, challenging death itself?

What would you do, dear reader, to recover a loved one? Would you be willing to go to the hereafter to find her, defying death itself? But imagine that when you are about to embark upon your journey, you find out that the world is in mortal danger. A paranormal epidemic threatens to destroy it, and its salvation lies within the pages of a mysterious book whose title is The Map of Caos. To go in search of your lost love, you will first have to recover this book from the claws of the most feared villain that you could ever imagine. And time is running out. But don’t worry, you are not alone in this adventure. You will have the priceless help of Arthur Conan Doyle, the father of Sherlock Holmes, Lewis Caroll, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and of course H.G. Wells, whose Invisible Man may have very well escaped from its pages, and right now may be reading above your shoulder. Only they will be able to save the world using their imagination, and show you that your lost love is not as far as you initially thought. Perhaps she is waiting behind the mirror.

                Félix J. Palma pays tribute to the detective novels in this his last installment of his Victorian Trilogy.The Map of Caos is an adventure full of mystery and non-stop action, where its enigmatic pieces will fall into place until creating a jigsaw puzzle which will reveal the real nature of the universe. With the superb writing with which he’s accustomed us to, Palma mixes love and adventure, ghosts and lycanthropes, humor and steampunk, in an explosive cocktail that will seize readers from all over the world. Or as the mysterious narrator of this novel would say, of all possible worlds. 

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