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Year: 2015
Editorial: SUMA de letras
Language: Espaņol, Catalán
Pages: 424
Synopsis: Inspector Oteiza faces the most important case of her career. History, Nazi plundering, intrigue and wine, in a fast-paced investigation that will change her forever.

The theft of one of the best preserved mosaics in Europe leads Inspector Oteiza, from the Historical Heritage Brigade of the Judicial Police, to move to a small town in Burgos to investigate the case. Everything changes for her when her boss decides to include her in a highly complex investigation: the disappearance of some valuable bottles of wine from vintages prior to World War II. This kicks off a journey that begins in Madrid, continues in San Sebastian during the Film Festival and ends in the Bordeaux vineyards. A fascinating journey in which Oteiza will count on the collaboration of Édouard DeauVille -wine expert and owner of a château-, with whom an undeniable chemistry will emerge. As her investigation progresses she will not only discover a passion for wine, but also the struggle of French winemakers to defend themselves from Nazi plundering during the war, their collaboration with the Resistance during the occupation, and the existence of works of art that hid and still hide great mysteries. A complex maze that will pit her against the dark ghosts of her own past, and in which her routine and solitary life will take a surprising turn: nothing will ever be the same for her.

History, wine, art, action and eroticism become the parameters of a novel of great intensity that captivates from the first to the last page.



«The author creates a very interesting mix of crime novel with the right touches of eroticism, all wrapped up in the exciting world of wine. Highly recommended. » Amazon

«The investigation that one needs to get reacquainted with suspense.» Glamor

«This novel has ingredients that make it a captivating work from the first to the last page.» Vinetur Magazine

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