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Editorial: Alianza
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 978-84-9181-624-9
Pages: 200

January's life seemed to run smoothly along a path marked in advance: studies, work, wedding, mortgage ... until everything went haywire and he ended up locked up in a psychiatric hospital for five years.

Ever since, the medication produces memory lapses, and to counteract it he combines the tranquilizers with speed. He survives following an eccentric routine which purpose he no longer recalls: on Mondays he travels by train to the town of his childhood, where no one lives anymore, on Tuesdays he visits an old man in an old folks home, on Wednesdays he shoots rats with a catapult in the pool at his ex's chalet, on Thursdays he goes to karate classes, on Fridays he drives a tractor through the city at rush hour, on Saturdays he participates in a radio program and on Sundays he forces himself to be a plant and does nothing.

But when a squatter moves into the apartment opposite his and he becomes obsessed with her, his precarious balance falls apart.


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