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Year: 2017
Editorial: Columna (Catalán) / Planeta (Español)
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
Language: Català
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 560
Synopsis: 1983. Kim Ráfales comes from a wealthy family. They own a hotel Passeig de Gràcia, the elegant boulevard of Barcelona, and he is a charming, dilettante guy. In college, he meets Laura Altamira, a girl from a small village in the countryside. She comes from a working family, she is spontaneous and idealist. Coming from two different worlds, they start a friendship that will last, with some interruptions, over thirty years. The world tests them and they are always there for each other. Laura saves Kim from misery after he loses his two brothers in an accident, she is there for him all the way.
2001. They reunite after thirty-five years. Their lives have followed very different paths. Laura, now in London, finds herself in the middle of an unbridled madness around the world of music, living life to the fullest. Kim, still in Barcelona, married with children, is assuming responsibilities in the family business. He is doing everything that is expected from him. And now Laura is the one that needs to be saved. Their friendship becomes stronger every time.
2016. At Kim’s 50th birthday party, Laura returns after 15 years away from each other. Attraction has always been present throughout these years, and in this point the friendships turns into love. From friends to lovers with an unexpected ending

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