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La baraja de plata

Bolea, Juan

Year: 2022
Editorial: Alrevés
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 978-84-18584-71-8
Format: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 344
Synopsis: When Florián Falomir discovers a girl's body on a Cádiz beach, he can hardly envisage to what lengths this case takes him to. The girl’s death will be related to a gilded silver deck that once belonged to the Bourbons; specifically, to Carlota of Bourbon, eldest daughter of Charles IV and sister of Ferdinand VII. The fact that this very valuable deck of cards has just been auctioned off in a New York auction house, and no one knows who the buyer, adds further mystery to the entire plot. A plot that will only get more complicated as the police tie this death to the previous disappearances of three other women, and as Falomir is introduced to a Cádiz that is as beautiful by day as it is mysterious by night. Everything turns out to be very unsettling, because perhaps in the subterranean darkness of its crypts, wells or tunnels lurk ancient secrets and shadows of the past, forces that might be best not to awaken...

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