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Amanda Black 7 - El bastón del cuervo

Gómez-Jurado, Juan

Year: 2023
Editorial: B de Block
Literary Category: children & ya
Language: Español, Catalán
ISBN: 9788419048677
Pages: 192
Synopsis: I wish everything had happened differently. I don't know if I was overcome with pride or a bad mood because of my argument with Eric and Esme. What I do know is that everything got messed up. Big time!

Director Lennon, the leader of a mysterious secret organization, showed up a few days ago with a tantalizing mission for me: to retrieve a Viking staff that allows me to see the future from the hands of Molrovia, a country ruled by a gang of criminals.

This was the first time I was going to work for someone other than ourselves. And without the help of my best friend. I was hoping I was not making the biggest mistake of my life…

Will Amanda be able to retrieve the magical Viking staff without Eric by her side?

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