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La baronesa

Year: 2023
Editorial: PRHGE
Literary Category: contemporary fiction
ISBN: 9788466677202
Format: Hardcover
Synopsis: This literary adventure began at the end of 2019, when Carmen Thyssen called me on the phone and asked me to write a book about her life. My only condition was to tell the story as it had been, with all of its highs and lows. Little by little I was introduced to her world and, over the course of three years, I held meetings and had long conversations with her in her home, La Moraleja. 

I discovered a novel woman: a childhood with separated parents, a romantic youth, and a beauty contest, that of Miss Spain, that turned her life upside down. Her romance with Lex Barker and the shadows that fell on her after his death. Her relationship with Espartaco Santoni, with its sordid ending. The birth of Borja and the appearance of Heini, which would make her a baroness and collector. Her poor relationship with Blanca Cuesta and the arrival of the twins, Carmen and Sabina...

The story of her life was unfolding before my eyes, until one day Tita commeneted on a television interview that she herself was going to be the author of her biography. Therefore, I ended our three years of joint work. We would all find out at the same time: the spectators, the publisher, and I. Tita wanted to tell her story, but I believe that the lawyers had, and still have, too prominent of a place in her life. 

Today I present you all with this book, different from what I had thought I would write, but perhaps for that reason even more interesting. It is a biographic novel with facts and real people. A story with a protagonist that I have come to admire, but whom I have never really understoon. Without a doubt, the most fascinating person of the last few decades. 

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