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Year: 2008
Editorial: Alfaguara
Language: Español, Catalán
Synopsis: This is not a novel, neither is it a book. It is rather a friction toy, a recreational and indecent artifact, an anomaly of language. Matilde is a political sciences student, intent on gathering the most intricate information on the missing Mexican politician, Roberto Soto Garigletti. The son of the famous statesman, the painter Arturo Soto, is who, from the very first interviews, is giving out the facts on his father in doses, with the aim of seducing Matilde. At the same time, Eusebio Cardoso, professor at Millard Fillmore University, witnesses in amazement the crumbling of his second marriage and the end of his contract as a professor. From then on, a hilarious plethora of real and historical characters will have a room in this toy that will culminate (explosively) in a well known imaginary village in Baja California. Empedocles of Agrigento, Pancho Villa, Karl Popper, Sergio Pitol, the great granddaughter of Gargantua, Mademoiselle Bouile de Suif among many others, will play, frolicking with friction because life is a hotchpotch of rubs and desires, friendships and treasons, jealousy and dreams always joined to the obstinate concupiscence of men.

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