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Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World, by Sabina Berman (Destino), appears in the 15 th position in the list of nominees to the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2014, which is rewarded with 100.000 euros. The winner has to overcome three selection phases: in the first one, the responsibles of the public libraries in different countries choose the books; in the second, an international jury reduces the amount of titles;... - Read more

Soon it will be over two months since El dios de Darwin (Darwin's God), by Sabina Berman, was published, and the book has been receiving excellent reviews since then. Among them is the one that appeared in the Spanish newspaper La Razón a couple of weeks ago, in which Lluís Fernández wrote: "Berman's novel combines with expertise its distinct layers. (...) Masterful, at times. (...) Berman is a meticulous writer that avoids... - Read more

The (Mexican) author Sabina Berman has recently been acknowledged in Europe, on this occasion in France, with the award (Prix del Lecteurs de la ville de Vicennes) for her novel “ The Woman who Dove into the Heart of the World ” (Moi, Éditions du Seuil, 2011). This award was created in 2006 by the Library Network (Association) of the city of Vicennes with the goal to present an acknowledgement to an author invited to the... - Read more

Four years after the release of her first novel, The Woman Who Dove Into the Heart of the World, was published in 33 countries, Sabina Berman returns with El dios de Darwin ( Darwin’s God ), published by Destino and available on the 23rd of January. Focusing again on Karen, her first’s novel charismatic and lovable main character, and conveying an ecologist message as well, El dios de Darwin is a frenetic thriller based on... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 5 results
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