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In the second installment, our protagonists will be relocated in the attic of a very luxurious skyscraper. Lorenzo’s secret identity will be that of a senior executive, something that at first seems extremely easy but shortly thereafter no so much. The grandmother, Ginebra, will reveal herself as another great mystery: in the evenings she will stay up into the late hours of the night and none of her grandchildren will be able to figure... - Read more

Nineteen cameras control the destiny of the inhabitants of the Bilbao neighborhood called San Francisco, the setting for the action of the novel. They are streets that were occupied in other times by miners and dockworkers, that attended to the emergence of republican ideology, and which were a space for freedom and diversion for generations. The closing of many of the shops, the emergence of heroine, and the massive arrival of immigrants upset... - Read more

612 euros, the government loan on which so many families depend, is the title of the second addition to the detective saga of Touré. Respected by his compatriots, watched by the police, and wanted by the white women, the displaced Touré survives by doing the most diverse of jobs. On this occasion, with the arrival of a supposed family member, he will find himself enveloped in a series of absurd obstacles, where, in order to get... - Read more

  "Shooting at someone means taking away what they have lived and what they have left to live, but shooting at a girl means that anyone can be shot." Summer 2019 on the south-side of Madrid. The neighborhood streets are accustomed to mangled bodies, to the violence of prostitution and drugs, and even to the fights that cause breathlessness. But this time it's different. Shot at point-blank, the dreams and hopes of Carla, a... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 1027 results
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