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Paris, 1890. It is the city of the Impressionists, of the Moulin Rouge and the can-can, the city of ‘la bohème’. The Eiffel Tower is being built… And it is also the frame of our story, a story of hopes and wishes: Argibay, a Spanish student, abandons his studies of Medicine to become a painter and falls madly in love with Catherine, a young prostitute, who teaches him how to kiss. An impossible love, or maybe... - Read more

If you think that death is final, it’s because you do not know ghosts. Little Esmeraldina lives happily with her parents in the Hotel Fantastique, the most elegant place in the Wild West. But everything changes when she dies of scarlet fever… and turns into a ghost. Guests of the afterlife, spiritualist of the nearby… and a bunch of hilarious characters that will complicated things for Emeraldina… and will help her... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 281 results
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