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Reyes Calderón (Spain, 1961) is PhD in Economics and Philosophy, a professor and first vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics Sciences and Business at the University of Navarra. She is a visiting professor at the Sorbonne and at the University of Berkley, and centres her professional career focusing on good governance and anti-corruption. Columnist and habitual lecturer, she combines her academic work with writing. Reyes Calderón... - Read more

In 1992 she published her first book of poems, Querrán ponerle nombre, followed by Las palabras de la piedra (1993). Two years later she won the Premio de Poesía "Ciudad de Irún" with Contra el desprestigio de la altura. Some of her poetical works have been included in Tarde tranquila. Omaggio alla poesia, an anthology of poetry published in Italy. She has published the novels Algún amor que no mate (Plaza & Janés,1996), launched in Greece... - Read more

Clara Sánchez lives in Madrid, where she studied Hispanic Philology and where, for many years, she taught at the university. To date, she has published fifteen novels, among which: “Latest News from Paradise” (2000), “A Million Lights” (2004), “Premonitions” (2008), which was made into a film by director Santiago Tabernero, “What your Name Hides” (2010 ), “Come into my... - Read more

Javier Urzay: Born in Madrid in 1963. He studied economics in his native city and broadened his studies in Italy. He has worked as a strategy consultant and has held a post in a governmental agency in the area of innovation technology. Presently he holds a high-ranking position in the Spanish pharmaceutical industry and has to steal hours from his sleep and his family in order to write. Javier has thrust his passion for Mozart as well as a... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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