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Poet and writer, he was born in San Salvador, El Salvaror, in 1973. He is an Arts and Letters graduate of the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA). He has received several literary awards, both national and internationally. Among the most outstanding ones there are the Premio Nacional de Novela Corta (National Prize for Short Story), organized by the National Counsel for Arts and Culture of El Salvador,... - Read more

Jorge Alberto Gudiño has devoted his professional life to literature. For the past nine years he has anchored the program “La Tertulia” (Talk Show) on AM radio (Mexico).  He has also published essays in important Mexican media outlets (Letras Libres, Soho, La Jornada Semanal, Rolling Stone, La Revista de la Universidad, “Laberinto” de Milenio, and some others), and has a weekly column in the online newspaper... - Read more

Maira Landa was born in Cuba and resides in San Juan, Puerto Ric, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. As President of the Board of Directors, Ms. Landa organized the first Festival de la Palabra in Puerto Rico in 2010. This inaugural event rounded up 65 internationally known writers and since then is held annually in the island. The UNESCO awarded her a diploma In recognition to her dynamic contribution to the... - Read more

Jorge Marchant Lazcana receives a degree in journalism from the University of Chile in 1974, and is one the most interesting contemporary writes in the present-day Chilean narrative. He has published with much acclaim the novels, “Beatrice Ovalle” (Ediciones Orión, Buenos Aires, 1977, and Editorial Renacimiento, Santiago de Chile, 1980), “The Night that Never Gestated the Day” (1982), “I think we are Unhappy” (Alfaguara, 2002), “The Girl in... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 6 results
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