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Roser Caminals-Heath was born in Barcelona in 1956 and lives in Frederick (USA), where she has been teaching Spanish Literature at Hood College since 1981. Her first novel, “Once remembered, twice lived” (Peter Lang, 1993), was later published in Catalan by Columna under the title “Un segle de prodigies” (1995). Thereafter she has published “Les herbes secretes” (Pagès Editors, 1999), which was... - Read more

Virginia Gasull begins her professional life in the world of architecture and then directs it towards the development of projects related to the Internet. In parallel, she studies sexology and in 2009 begins her professional work as an instructor, giving sexology talks to groups and associations of women. Her love for wine culture also leads her to different wine-making and tasting courses, as well as visits to wineries in Europe's main wine... - Read more

Félix J. Palma has been recognized by the critics as one of today´s most brilliant and original short-story writers and has been awarded with the Gabriel Aresti and Miguel de Unamuno awards among others. He has published the short stories collections  El vigilante de la salamandra  ( The Lizard's Keeper, Pre-Textos, 1998), Métodos de supervivencia ( Methods of Survival, Fundación Municipal de Cultura de... - Read more

Mariana Palova (Mariana Paola Urzúa Pulido) is a writer and digital artist born in Jalisco, Mexico, in 1990. Her visual work, a personal mix of occultism and mythology, has been nationally awarded and featured in more than fifty art exhibitions around worldwide. Her first novel ( The Lord of the Sabbath: Nation of Beasts ) was initially self-published in Spanish, positioning itself as a bestseller thanks to its incredible originality.... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 4 of 4 results
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