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Juan is married to Claudia and in love with Laura—all three know it. But what none of them know is what each is willing to do so that nothing remains as it is. “Goodbye to Men” is the story of a dilemma in silence, in defiance and in renunciation in order to obtain an amazing idea of love and thus avoid the wound of solitude. A novel of human passions, confessed or hidden, between men and women.... - Read more

  You could embark on a new adventure with the group, or solve a problem, who knows?You could discover that if you find a few “chubis” and a space ship, than you could take a jump to interspace, no problem. You could end-up a prisoner of the “Hylanos”, along with Alex, Havee, Tycho, Blop and Maia. What, who are the “Hylandos”? Well, they aren’t friends nor are they enemies of the Confederation of... - Read more

Jean-Pierre Zanardi, a gallery owner on the Left Bank, is a free spirit. Paulina Homs, a woman living a peaceful family life in Barcelona, comes to Paris for her cousin’s wedding. As if fate had planned it, Jean-Pierre and Paulina fall for each other unexpectedly, in a love affair that will shake up their lives forever. Alguien como tú is the chronicle of the researching and piecing together of the love story between Paulina Homs... - Read more

  PLANETA AWARD 2020 A moving historical thriller that spans a century teeming  with revenge, incest and battles. "She acts like a lion. Charges like an eagle. Executes like a scorpion."   1137. The Duke of Aquitaine --France's most coveted region--is found dead in Compostela. His body turns blue and signs of the "blood eagle", an ancient Norman torture. His daughter, Eleanor, decides to take revenge and to do so marries the son... - Read more

It shows from 1 to 5 of 113 results
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