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Los crímenes del número primo

Calderón, Reyes

Los crímenes del número primo

Year: 2008
Editorial: Rba
Language: Español, Catalán
Published at: Bertrand (Portugal), Muza (Poland)
Synopsis: Judge Lola MacHor is about to face the most terrible experience of her career: two bodies with clerical robes are found in a remote hermitage, brutally murdered; the corpses turn up surrounded by an important amount of money and an old Lignum Crucis. A little later, the Archbishop of Pamplona receives a strange package in his palace: a human finger in a small coffin. All these deeds have no doubt been commited by a calculating and perverse mind. Judge MacHor initiates an investigation that will lead her to the heart of darkness. With Juan Iturri’s collaboration, an Interpol inspector and old friend, and with the unexpected help of Father Chocarro, an old mathematician turned mystic, the search for the killer begins. But the crimes have just begun. And soon they will discover that they themselves form part of a much wider plan, where the voices from the past resonate with the echo of vengeance, and their own lives are in danger. In a race against time, they only have a one clue to discover the author of the crimes: a prime number.

From the palace-like settings of the Church to the most humble monasteries, from libertine Marbella conservative Pamplona, this intense novel of intrigue traps the reader from the very first page. A gripping story where horror and tenderness are combined to give shape to a hypnotizing work of great narrative strength.

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