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Sombras de la nada

Arretxe, Jon

Sombras de la nada

Year: 2014
Editorial: Erein
Literary Category: police, black and suspense
ISBN: 9788497468909
Pages: 248
Synopsis: After years of living in Bilbao, Touré receives a call from his daughter Sira in which she announces her imminent arrival to Hendaya to spend a few days with him. With excitement for navigating the difficulties inherent to lack of papers, Touré sends his lover Sa Kené to pick up his daughter, but Sira doesn't appear at the agreed upon time.

In this third addition to the adventures of the "detective-psychic" Touré, Arretxe turns the screw and tells us the harsh reality of the journey that the sub-saharan immigrants find themselves forced to take. There are no more smiles, no more funny situations, no more silly investigations. The long journey of the displaced people to the doors of Eden, the intervention of mafias, the human rights violations... relegate irony and humor to a lower priority. A realistic story, where there is no lack of intrigue, which obligates the protagonist to confront more powerful enemies, accompanied always by the least, but unconditional friends from the "Little Africa of San Francisco".

Once again, Arretxe uses the police narrative as a tool to point out the social differences and the xenophobia that exist in our unjust world.

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