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Donde siempre es medianoche

Year: 2018
Editorial: Pez de plata
Language: Español, Catalán
Pages: 296
Synopsis: “The Informative Hound”, a hypochondriac photo-detective who investigates news of great repercussion, has just been sent to Silenza (Italy), to gather evidence on the effects produced by a certain kind of unprecedented phenomenon: it’s been almost a year since it hasn’t dawned in the city. The trip takes on an unexpected turn when, while prowling around for infor-mation, photos, tip-offs and leads, the Hound runs into a fascinating woman by the name of Elisabeta. Close and far from her and her ex-husband (a more than standard unapproachable astrophysics professor), an Argentinian psychoanalyst who is so perceptive that it is scary, and to a corrupt police commissioner, the neurotic Hound will come in contact with Silenza and with the mysteries that its darkness raise.

Why do the scientists hide the reasons of its perpetual night? Will the Hound discover the whereabouts of the astrophysics Nobel who works in hiding somewhere in the city? Will he discover the real identity of the Superstar Antihero, the leader of a dangerous apocalyptic sect of blood-drinkers?While carrying out his job, the Hound will discover that Silenza is a hair-raising enclave, not exempt of cruelty, continuous action, moral turbidity, pain, vengeance and evil complexes. And he will be overcome by a woman of whom he cannot do without no matter how hard he tries…

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