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Year: 2018
Editorial: La esfera de los libros
Literary Category: romantic
ISBN: 9788491643685
Pages: 448
Synopsis: Olivia is an anonymous girl, a fighter and realistic, who is not easily impressed. Her values are as solid as a rock and she is always faithful to herself. One day the famous and handsome actor that she so much admires publishes a tweet that disappoints her, and she decides to give him a piece of her mind. The last thing that she could have imagined is that Adrian Prado is going to go to the trouble of answering her.

At first, that exchange of incisive messages is nothing but a curious anecdote. But things get messy when Olivia begins to work in an advertising agency and destiny has Adrian cross her path once again.

Behind that façade of success and haughtiness hides a hard truth. While Olivia discovers it, she will have to face the challenge of placating her own fears and  decide if she can afford the luxury of walking barefoot over a terrain that is as unfamiliar as it is dangerous.

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