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Te encontraré en el silencio

Blau, Lena

Te encontraré en el silencio

Year: 2023
Editorial: Montena
Literary Category: children & ya
ISBN: 9788419501288
Pages: 400
Synopsis: Amy is like a lost puzzle piece, with smooth, rounded contours, who has never fit into the square mold her parents forced her into.

Alan is full of sharp, rough edges, and can only see life in black and white.

She leaves New York in search of the light and color she longs for.

He leaves London to carry out a promise before finally surrendering to the darkness.

When they meet in a bay of infinite beaches south of San Francisco and embark on an unexpected journey down the California coast, they discover that they are two very different pieces that complement each other, no matter how much they struggle against it.

Sometimes, a camera is all one needs to capture the truth that silence insists on hiding.

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